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Who are we?

We are a global organisation that works with a not-for-profit approach to do what we can to make the world a happier & healthier place! We are are passionate about and dedicated to creating long-term & positive change. Our values are to:

  • be inclusive
  • embrace diversity
  • empower others &
  • to focus on the solutions.

Learn more about us by clicking HERE.


What do we do?


Check out our amazing not-for-profit projects which are supported by our social enterprises, our crowd-funding projects & our generous donors. Also, have a look at the world-changing work we are doing in partnership with other individuals, organisations and companies! It is all in the name of co-creating a happier and healthier world, for all living systems.

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Hubs are very important to us! They provide an opportunity for people to become a part of a group where we can literally THINK GLOBAL and ACT LOCAL. Members of our hubs can enjoy the company of others who are interested in creating a positive impact in the world through their individual lives. They can also start community projects in which the process and the outcome aims to increase the health and happiness of people and the planet. Imagine if we all did this! In the Hubs we never underestimate the follow through effect of our actions, because even though what we do may only seem a drop in the ocean, if we are all doing it then we are the ocean, so every drop counts. The Brisbane Hub was our very first hub, click HERE to check it out. Anyone one can start a hub and we would be happy to help you with setting it up and spreading the word to potential members, just contact us!



Why do we do it?

We believe if we all think globally and act locally we can create positive change. Step-by-step & little by little we CAN and WILL be the change we want to see in the world!boy with earth melonheadz bw

We believe everyone is capable of contributing, however great, and it is up to us (including you) to start. We believe that to create the change we want to see we need; support, clarity & strategy! Change is going to look different for different people, but no matter where you are at on your change journey or where you have come from, we are here with you…



Who do we help/work with?

We help all different kinds of people & organisations, and although we are non-denominational & a non-government organisation we would be happy to hear from you no matter what your background! So, are you looking for help, support or a partnership? To contact us click HERE.

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