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    About Us

    Mission Statement. Our mission is to create and facilitate opportunities for humanity to bring about a happier and healthier world, for all natural systems, in a positive and empowering way.

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EcoBling takes off!


Huzzah, we made it into Peppermint Magazine! Becoming a self-funded organisation is so important to us as it allows us to maintain our authenticity, values and mission. EcoBling allows us to take care of our administration costs in a way that is 100% us. So this means all our donations can go towards the not for profit projects we want

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Can we change the world? Really?

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Dear beautiful people of the world, I met a lovely man who works for an environmental NGO on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (Australia). I asked for a meeting to chat about my approach with The One World Collective (www.facebook.com/theoneworldcollective). In a nutshell he said that any attempt to change the world is useless unless we are changing policy. So concentrating

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Connecting with Nature


All over the world, more and more of the world’s population find themselves living in ever expanding urban areas. There is a continuing shift towards the built environment, as social and political systems make the pull of employment, education and a perceived “better way of life” irresistible to many. Towns and cities are not always complete concrete jungles, some urban

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Love Social Enterprise? We do too!


Check out this great blog on our social enterprise project, ecobling.org! “When it comes to Social Enterprise there are many options to explore. One such option is not often thought about and is frequently regarded as a member of the capitalist and consumerist machine. We’re talking about the world of fashion; a world of seasonal change and constant evolution. It

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Welcome Emma!

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We want to take this opportunity to formally welcome Emma Hart to The One World Collective’s dynamic and inspirational team. Not only are we so proud to have such an amazing person involved we are extremely happy that we could find such a competent, grounded and strong person to lead our EcoBling Project (read more here: theoneworldcollective.org/ecobling). Here is a

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Join us, all 400+ of us – it is amazing what we do here!

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We, at The One World Collective (OWC), are so proud of the fact that over 400 wonderful people now make up our global membership community. And this group just keeps growing! Our membership community is so important, and here is why… Without forming connections, without building and strengthening communities (urban and rural), without sharing with each other and passing on

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